We started thinking about our local assets in early 2015, just a few locals without firsthand experience about geocaching, but thought it would be a great way to showcase the local trails that we have throughout Sturbridge and the surrounding Townships. We decided to throw that idea out to geocaching enthusiasts Scott Garrand, Dan Thompson and Chris Thompson. Cache-Buddies-275px

They had already blanketed the area with caches. It ignited a combustible idea! Big Bang! C-MASS GEOFEST was suddenly on the horizon and quickly approaching! That year we exploded onto the scene with overt 200 participants in our first major event. In 2016 that registered turnout increased by half, to 303 registered geocachers.

We at the Central Mass South Chamber of Commerce will continue our efforts with sponsorship from Sturbridge Tourist Association.

With our gains in turnout continuing and our lessons learned to keep improving, expect C-MASS GEOFEST to claim a major spot on the 2017 geocaching calendar. We’re happy to share our region, our trails and more with you. Hope to see you anytime.